so many things...

all of what Scraps collects eventually goes to an industrial compost facility outside Denver, A1 Organics.
that means we'll take just about anything you can chop up or cook up in your kitchen, plus a whole lot more.

all the things we'll take (and then some):

really, we'll take anything that the City of Denver takes.
here's their handy list.

there are some things we won't take. 

they aren't compostable, and some of them are really, really damaging to the composting process.

we don't want:

  • pet waste
  • diapers
  • used TP (gross)
  • recyclable paper (recycle it)
  • grease
  • glass
  • plastic bags. zero plastic bags. none.

  • no plastics at all, for that matter. please. thank you.

* a word on "compostable" products *

Not sure if that plastic-like bag or container is compostable?
Claims like "biodegradable" or "made from compostable materials" do not mean a product is certified compostable. 

Here's one sure way to know that Scraps can take a product: 
look for the BPI Certified compostable label, from the Biodegradable Products Institute. 

If you don't see the label, it's probably not really compostable.