Scraps collects compostables (food scraps & more!) from residential buildings & businesses.

We pick up more than 7,500 pounds of compostables every week. Since our launch, we’ve collected:


This has a measurable impact on climate, preventing tons of GHGs from being emitted:


“metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent”

We still have a long way to go:
Up to 50% of what Denver throws in the trash is compostable. What. A. Waste.
Scraps is dedicated to changing this.


we give residents of condominiums & apartments the chance to compost.

(…but we service restaurants, offices & all manner of businesses, too!)

If you live in a condominium or apartment building -
any building with more than seven units - Scraps is the program for you.
Our weekly residential pickup service starts at $20/month.

We're dedicated to bringing the option to compost to residents & businesses who can't get the city's service, or don’t make sense for a truck-based hauler. No other program in Denver offers individualized service to multi-family buildings, like condos and apartments.

As a resident, once you know you want to compost with us, we simply need to identify the best pickup spot for your unique building. We can pickup from trash rooms, "trash chute rooms," empty spaces in garages, front or back porches - nearly anywhere!

We’re helping more of our community keep compostables out of the landfill, and together we’re turning the tide on our city’s waste diversion problem.

Scraps uses a pedal-powered approach
to urban compost pickup.

Bikes & trikes help us get around barriers. We’re focused on servicing multi-family buildings - residential buildings with more than seven units, whether apartments or condominiums. Denver is filled with these multi-family buildings, but they often don’t have room for large compost dumpsters, and building management doesn’t tend to have an appetite to set up composting for their entire building. These same barriers often exist for offices and other businesses that share a building or a complex with other businesses. Plus, Denver’s city service doesn’t cover multi-family buildings or businesses. Scraps can.

We make composting accessible and successful, in a way other waste haulers can’t. Our bikes & trikes can go anywhere, and your residential bin can wait for us just about anywhere. For offices, we service you right in your space. We provide individualized pickups for our members, based on each unique building, and the needs of each property. And we don't just empty bins & move on: we focus on educating and informing our members, staying in touch with them and keeping them energized about composting!

We add value to the community with every mile. We're keeping tons of organic waste out of the landfill, helping return food to the soil, adding to the local economy without adding greenhouse gas emissions to the air, and collaborating with other like-minded businesses and non-profits whenever we can.


we'll take your food scraps, and just about anything else that's compostable.

Everything Scraps collects goes to a commercial compost facility.
That means we can take just about anything you can chop up or cook up in your kitchen, and then some.


"why can't i compost here?!"


That's the frustration that sparked the Scraps story. 

Christi (the founder) was living in a condominium, which meant she couldn't do anything with her compostable "trash" but throw it in the garbage. Denver's compost collection program doesn't extend to multi-family buildings, meaning that none of the condominiums & apartment buildings in Denver with more than seven units - and there are thousands of them - were able to compost. Ugh. It felt like an unbearable waste.

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