our members

(we call all of our customers "members.")

we are proud to provide pedal-powered compost pickup to more than 300 residential & business customers, including the following:

restaurants + food producers

offices + other businesses

residential buildings (condos + apartments)

we service many more buildings than this - more than fifty! join here, and see if your building is already with us!

what our customers are loving about Scraps.

We could not be more grateful to have Scraps onboard in our mission to decrease our environmental footprint. Scraps provides a service that makes composting effortless, efficient and fun.
— Tabatha Knop, General Manager, Work & Class (first Scraps customer!)
Now that we have Scraps service in our building it is as easy to compost as when we had our own yard - well, maybe even easier since we don’t have to maintain our compost heap! I have been telling everyone I know in an apartment they need to ask for the same service.
— Nora, Scraps member, Uptown
“Working with Christi and the Scraps team has been a joy. Before Scraps, it was nearly impossible to find a solution for an affordable, friendly, educational, and dedicated zero waste service in the event/festival space in Denver. Scraps is the solution!”
— Mark Lewis, Co-Owner, The Big Wonderful (official Scraps partner)
I’m grateful to Scraps for allowing me to act on my conscience. I feel better doing something concrete in my daily life about the global situation, because I’m with Gandhi and Tolstoy about where change starts.
— Helen, Scraps member & enthusiast
I have always been passionate about giving back. Recycling and composting is my way of giving back to the environment. When I first started at AdCellerant, we were neither recycling nor composting. In less than a year, we had a strong recycling and composting plan in place and we went from 0% to 40% diversion once we started recycling. We diverted 30% more from the landfills once we started composting.
— Muhammad Khan, PPC campaign manager, AdCellerant (Scraps member)
I’m so excited that I won’t have to try to sneak our scraps into my compost bin at work anymore!
— Hannah, Scraps member, Highlands neighborhood

Thank you - we deposited our first green bag into our collection bin this morning! We are VERY excited about this project and grateful to our neighbors for finding the Scraps team to support reducing waste in our building!
— Sharon, Scraps member, Congress Park

I’m so glad I signed up for Scraps! As someone whose diet is 85% fresh meat and produce, I typically don’t go through a ton of traditional trash. It wasn’t until I started Scrapping that I realized just how much FOOD WASTE I go through each week. It’s incredible, and I’m happy it’s now being put to use instead of thrown away.
— Andrew, Scraps member, Cap Hill