our members

(we call all of our customers "members.")

we are proud to provide pedal-powered compost pickup to more than 50 residential customers, as well as business customers, including the following:


Riverfront Tower

what our customers are loving about Scraps.


We could not be more grateful to have Scraps onboard in our mission to decrease our environmental footprint. Scraps provides a service that makes composting effortless, efficient and fun.
— Tabatha Knop, General Manager, Work & Class
“Working with Christi and the Scraps team has been a joy. Before Scraps, it was nearly impossible to find a solution for an affordable, friendly, educational, and dedicated zero waste service in the event/festival space in Denver. Scraps is the solution!”
— Mark Lewis, Co-Owner, The Big Wonderful
I’m grateful to Scraps for allowing me to act on my conscience. I feel better doing something concrete in my daily life about the global situation, because I’m with Gandhi and Tolstoy about where change starts.
— Helen, Scraps Member & Enthusiast
I’m so excited that I won’t have to try to sneak our scraps into my compost bin at work anymore!
— Hannah, Scraps member, Highlands neighborhood