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Published January 5th, 2024

Once upon a time in a DUG Master Composter course, Scraps was born.

…Well, not exactly: our founder, Christi, had already been incubating the plan for Scraps for several years, had finally quit her job to lay the groundwork for the company, and was digging into things like the Denver Urban Gardens Master Composter course – now called the Denver Community Composter training program – in order to deepen her knowledge for this new and exciting endeavor. But the MC course did require that each student do a project – so Scraps became part of her project.

sifting worm castings with the DUG MC cohort in 2017!

What Christi learned at DUG became foundational to Scraps. And in fact, Scraps’ very first “headquarters” was right in the garden at DUG’s headquarters! Nearly seven years later, the good folks from DUG paid Christi a visit on her little homestead & current Scraps HQ in Arvada. Sharing her space with the famous Jungle Judy, who has been running the Master Composter course since its inception several decades ago, was a special surprise treat! Hopefully the DUG team will come back again in springtime to see the garden in full bloom.

Check out this sweet article by DUG to read more.

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