our focus:
give residents of condominiums & apartments the opportunity to compost in Denver.

(…but we service restaurants, offices & all manner of businesses, too!)

If you live in a condominium or apartment building -
any building with more than seven units - then Scraps is the program for you.

No other program in Denver offers individualized service to multi-family buildings, like condos and apartments.

As a resident, once you know you want to compost with us, we work with your property manager and/or HOA to find the best pickup spot for your unique building. We can pickup from trash rooms, "trash chute rooms," empty spaces in garages, front or back porches - nearly anywhere.

We're dedicated to filling this gap - bringing the option to compost to residents & businesses who can't get it through the city's service, or through a truck-based hauler - and helping our community keep more compostables out of the landfill.

here's another way to understand how we work!


As a Scraps member, you receive a three-gallon bin for your household compostables, and we empty it for you once weekly. You’ll leave your bin out in a pickup spot that works for your building.


We use pedal-power - trikes & trailers - to go from pickup to pickup, emptying full compost bins along our routes.


We partner with customers of Alpine Waste & Recycling to be our "dropoff partners" - and essentially, they let us fill the extra space in their large compost "dumpsters" (called "cans" in the biz) with the compostables we collect from our customers. For our dropoff partners, collaborating with us means helping more Denverites compost. For Alpine, it means showing their commitment to helping more people compost, even if they can’t be Alpine customers.


The compostables we collect from our members are transported by Alpine Waste to A1 Organics, where they are processed into beautiful, soil-enhancing, life-supporting compost! Yay!


all illustrations by the talented Pen+Pine.


We are a Certifiably Green Denver business!