Scraps Zero-Waste Staff Agreement

please fill out this form BEFORE signing up for any zero-waste shift.

Name *
Address *
(i.e., where you would want your checks mailed)
Will you show up on time, and stay for the duration of your shift? *
If you get sick, or otherwise cannot make your shift, will you let us know with at least a week's notice? *
Please check yes. When events are short-staffed, the entire event and its zero-waste efforts suffer. We understand that sometimes an event is less than a week out when you sign up, in which case give us as many days' notice as you possibly can.
Will you provide a W9 for us once, and a completed invoice each time you work (or each time you'd like to get paid)? *
We require a W9 on file for every staffer. each year. We'll provide you a link to download and fill out. Please use any standard invoice template for your invoices.
We want to get a sense of how people ended up taking on this job!