Scraps uses a pedal-powered approach
to urban compost pickup.

Bikes & trikes help us get around barriers. We’re specifically focused on servicing multi-family buildings - residential buildings with more than seven units, whether apartments or condominiums. Denver is filled with these multi-family buildings - but they don’t tend to have room for large compost dumpsters, and their management don’t have the appetite to set up composting for entire buildings. Denver’s city service doesn’t cover multi-family, and the city’s commercial truck-based haulers don’t service these buildings either. Scraps can.

We make composting accessible and successful, in a way other waste haulers can’t. Our bikes & trikes can go anywhere, and your bin can wait for us just about anywhere. We provide individualized pickups for our members, based on each unique building, and the needs of each property management and/or homeowners association. And we don't just empty bins & move on: we focus on educating and informing our members, staying in touch with them and keeping them energized about composting!

We add value to the community with every mile. We're keeping tons of organic waste out of the landfill, helping return food to the soil, adding to the local economy without adding greenhouse gas emissions to the air, and collaborating with other like-minded businesses and non-profits whenever we can.