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We’re so excited to be able to offer compost drop-off service in your neighborhood - the first of its kind in Wheat Ridge!

The drop-off program will allow each Member to make an unlimited number of compost drop-offs, but up to just three gallons per drop. This allows Scraps to keep the drop-off bins emptied, cleaned and otherwise maintained, and allows all participants to drop-off their household compost on a weekly basis on average. The average household produces about 3 gallons of compostables each week, not including yard debris. (Please note that we will endeavor to accommodate a yard debris collection as the program evolves.)

The program costs $15/month per member with a one-time $20 startup fee. Members can cancel at any time. The City of Wheat Ridge will pay the startup fee and first monthly fee for the first 100 people to commit to joining the program by filling out this form! You must live within the City of Wheat Ridge to qualify. The drop-off bin(s) will be located at the Wheat Ridge Rec Center.

Please fill out the form below to let us know you’re committed to joining our pilot compost drop-off program. When we’re ready for our program to launch (in early November - date TBA), we’ll let you know how to officially & get started!

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The drop-off bin(s) will be located at the Wheat Ridge Rec Center. Members will pay $15/month for an unlimited number of drops at the drop-off bins, up to three gallons a day.
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