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volunteer with Slow Food Nations

(July 13 - 15, 2018)

As a Slow Food Nations volunteer, you'll help ensure that this incredible event's environmental impact is as minimal as possible, and that nothing goes to waste: that every edible food scrap is recovered and repurposed in the event's "Family Meal," that all non-edible organic matter is composted, and that all recyclables are recycled.

There's no trash talk at this event! We've already taken a number of steps to ensure that Slow Food Nations creates as little "trash" as possible, and we're excited to see just how many tons we prevent from ever reaching a landfill. As part of the team charged with this mission, you'll help SFN Exhibitors sort their edible scraps/compost/recycling in their booth & backstage areas, and you'll help event attendees do the same as they walk around the venue. You'll help monitor, sort, check, and double-check the venue's zero-waste stations to ensure that we reach our goal of 0% contamination, meaning that only compostables are in the compost bin and only recyclables are in the recycling bin (and those trash bins are as empty as possible!). You'll be armed with all of the information you need to answer any questions guests may have, and the zero-waste team will support you with SFN t-shirts and reusable steel cups, meal tickets for your shift, shade for your volunteer post, and more - and of course, ample opportunity to explore the amazing event happening all around you!

Shifts are four hours each; please plan to attend your entire four-hour shift. When you arrive, we'll assign you to a zero-waste volunteer post or responsibility and get you settled in. This is a kid-friendly, group-friendly volunteer opportunity! Please reach out with any questions, and we look forward to your support & collaboration at Slow Food Nations!


be a zero-waste event volunteer

we need volunteers for all of the following events this summer, as well!

Truck stop (santa fe arts district): Fri. Aug. 3, 2018
truck stop (larimer street, rino): Sat. sep. 1, 2018

FACT: Being a zero-waste volunteer is one of the raddest ways to party sustainably! As a volunteer with us, you'll help event guests sort their "waste" into compost, recycle & trash bins throughout the venue, and in the process you'll help us keep literally TONS of compostable & recyclable stuff out of the landfill. You'll help show other Denverites that it is possible - and necessary! - to party sustainably, and reduce our waste footprint at large events in our city. And we'll make sure you have sunscreen, shade, water, breaks, gloves, and all the other support & information you need to thrive in your volunteer role.

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pedal with Scraps:
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As Scraps gets started, we welcome volunteers to ride along with us on our pick-up shifts! You can help lift & weigh the compostables we collect, and pedal your bike along with our trike pedalers. (And if you want to, you may even be able to try pedaling the trike!)

Our shifts currently run Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. To sign up to volunteer to pedal with us, please fill out the form below.

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