Scraps team

Christi Turner

founder / CEO

Bicycles and all things pedal-powered = love.
Waste, wastefulness & their impacts = motivation.
Composting, compost, rebuilding our soil while repairing our climate = magic.
Community-based development work in Madagascar & elsewhere = inspiration.

Christi has worked in sustainability, sustainable community development, environmental communications & environmental journalism throughout her career. Her nearly seven years in Madagascar profoundly marked her life, in large part because of the incredible ingenuity (and scrappiness!) of her community, and their ability to collectively accomplish so much with so relatively few resources.

Scraps rests upon this foundation, and is nurtured by Christi's deep love for Denver that has continued to grow over her five years here. 

contact: christi at scrapsmilehigh dot com

Jillian Bryan

Scraps AmBadAssAdor

bio coming soon!

Joel Cruz

sustainability intern

Joel is a Colorado native, currently attending the University of Colorado Denver where he is pursuing a major in entrepreneurship with a minor in sustainability and political science. Committed to deepening the Auraria campus and CU Denver commitment to a more sustainable city, Joel was recently elected president of the campus environmental club. Interning at Scraps, Joel has met others who are sustainability driven, developed his leadership skills, and reinforced his own sustainability values along the way. 

Some of his favorite experiences at Scraps: dumping the compostables at Scraps' dropoff points, marveling over the variety of colors of food, and of course seeing passersby in the alley curious as to why he's having such a good time handling decomposing food. Cruising through the streets on the Scraps trike is always a hoot, he says, especially when he's hauling a particularly heavy load and onlookers either stare with confusion, or applaud. 

contact: joel at scrapsmilehigh dot com

Graham Gardner

Customer Engagement & Event Adviser

Graham Laird Gardner has life-long passion for horticulture.
Graham likes plants. Plants like soil. Plants become soil. 

(He’s also a poet.)

First introduced to gardening by his paternal grandparents, Graham has been growing, planting, designing, learning & botanizing for more than 30 years.

Having recently relocated to Denver from Providence, Graham immediately gravitated toward + sought out the folks leading the charge for a more biophilic + sustainable city.

While earning his degree in Landscape Architecture he discovered an affinity for sustainable design, low impact development, and historic preservation. In addition to providing landscape design and consultation services to private residential clients, he has assisted environmental non-profit organizations with strategic planning, marketing, and graphic design.

With a keen interest in ecological design, Graham continues to educate others about native plant communities, invasive plant management, habitat restoration, and green infrastructure, and COMPOST!

contact: graham at scrapsmilehigh dot com