Scraps team

Christi Turner

founder / CEO

Bicycles and all things pedal-powered = love.
Waste, wastefulness & their impacts = motivation.
Composting, compost, rebuilding our soil while repairing our climate = magic.
Community-based development work in Madagascar & elsewhere = inspiration.

Christi has worked in sustainability, sustainable community development, environmental communications & environmental journalism throughout her career. Her nearly seven years in Madagascar profoundly marked her life, in large part because of the incredible ingenuity (and scrappiness!) of her community, and their ability to collectively accomplish so much with so relatively few resources.

Christi is also a vegan of 17 years, car-free for 5 years, a committed minimalist and tiny-house obsessed.

Scraps rests upon this foundation, and is nurtured by Christi's deep love for Denver that has continued to grow over her more than five years here. 

contact: christi at scrapsmilehigh dot com

Graham Gardner

membership engagement & event adviser

First introduced to gardening by his grandparents, Graham has been growing, planting, designing, learning & botanizing for more than 30 years.

Having recently relocated to Denver from Providence, Graham immediately gravitated toward + sought out the folks leading the charge for a more biophilic + sustainable city.

While earning his degree in Landscape Architecture he discovered an affinity for sustainable design, low impact development, and historic preservation. In addition to providing landscape design and consultation services to private residential clients, he has assisted environmental non-profit organizations with strategic planning, marketing, and graphic design.

With a keen interest in ecological design, Graham continues to educate others about native plant communities, invasive plant management, habitat restoration, and green infrastructure, and COMPOST!

contact: graham at scrapsmilehigh dot com

Joel Cruz

sustainability intern

Joel is a Colorado native, currently attending the University of Colorado Denver where he is pursuing a major in entrepreneurship with a minor in sustainability and political science. Committed to deepening the Auraria campus and CU Denver commitment to a more sustainable city, Joel was recently elected president of the campus environmental club. Interning at Scraps, Joel has met others who are sustainability driven, developed his leadership skills, and reinforced his own sustainability values along the way. 

Some of his favorite experiences at Scraps: dumping the compostables at Scraps' dropoff points, marveling over the variety of colors of food, and of course seeing passersby in the alley curious as to why he's having such a good time handling decomposing food. Cruising through the streets on the Scraps trike is always a hoot, he says, especially when he's hauling a particularly heavy load and onlookers either stare with confusion, or applaud. 

contact: joel at scrapsmilehigh dot com

Jillian Bryan

Scraps AmBadAssAdor

Hailing from the suburban sprawl of Colorado Springs, Jillian received her BA in Political Science at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs in 2010 where her eyes opened to omnipresent environmental destruction. Since moving to Denver shortly thereafter, she’s dedicated her life toward the pursuit of holistic integration, bridging the gap between urban centers and the natural world. 

She met Christi while working as a barista at The Alliance Center. Upon hearing Christi’s vision, she immediately knew it was a project she wanted to belong to. Since then, she’s worked with Scraps and watched it blossom into a force of sweeping sustainable change. She’s excited to grow with it and see it revolutionize the way we view waste management. 

On any given day, she can be found biking around town, holing up in a cozy coffee shop, or analyzing ways to further embody her zero-waste philosophy. She loves vegan cooking, photography, playing music and sorting through trash. Her dream is to own a vegan cafe and cultivate a vegan empire in Denver.

Beth VanWinkle

sustainability educator

Beth is a Speech Language Pathologist and loves helping children learn through gardening and composting activities. She currently works at an elementary school in Aurora, CO where she is the community garden leader of the Cam Gabriel Memorial Garden. Beth is dedicated to making the garden a welcoming outdoor space for exploration and education for her students, their families, and the community.  

Beth and Christi met while completing Denver Urban Garden’s Master Composter course. Since then, Beth has helped Scraps make events around Denver zero waste through education and sorting waste materials. Beth loves saving compostables from the landfill and feels  a spiritual connection with racoons.

Josh Rheingold


Josh’s collision with sustainability began when he joined the INVST sustainable leadership program at the University of Colorado. INVST offered him a unique learning opportunity to study various social and environmental topics, while simultaneously working to create sustainable changes in the Boulder Community. Through the INVST Program, Josh participated in two, month-long service-learning summers during which he witnessed first-hand the complexities of our nation's most pressing environmental and economic challenges.

After graduating from CU, Josh set out to explore Southeast Asia and New Zealand, and to see how different peoples integrate (or don’t integrate) sustainability into their communities. After two years abroad, he returned to Colorado to run sustainability operations at the St Julien Hotel and Spa. Finding that this didn’t quite meet his sustainability fix, he joined the Scraps team as a comp-pedaler. He’s been joyously comp-pedaling around Denver ever since.

Charlotte (Charlie) Harrold

compost collector extraordinaire

Born and raised in South Jersey, Charlie never envisioned she would end up in Colorado until she received a scholarship to Naropa University in Boulder. She graduated in May 2017 with a BA in peace and conflict studies. 

Charlie joined the Scraps team in March 2018. She'd never imagined doing a job so outdoorsy, labor-intensive, messy, dirty, and sometimes stinky, but she loves it more than any job she’s ever had. Charlie has always known she wasn't made for an office job, so being able to make a living while being outside, being physically active, getting sweaty, playing with food, all while making a positive difference in the community has been a dream.

 Charlie always had a passion for social justice matters, with concentrations in gender studies, poverty, restorative justice and intimate partner violence - the topic of her senior thesis project. It was not until after she finished school that her interest in environmental justice arose, and she had the serendipity of meeting Christi! 

Charlie believes that in order to inspire and create change in the world, one must accept that social issues and environmental issues are completely interrelated, intersected and interconnected.

Sophia Mar

coming soon!

Volleyball had been 110% of Sophia’s life since she was nine years old. After graduating from UC Davis and finishing up her collegiate volleyball career she was eager to discover what her passion was. With a degree in Graphic Design she took on many different projects, but it wasn’t until she began to explore vegetarianism, then veganism that she realized how important sustainability is.

Moving to Denver in the summer of 2018, she knew that her next career path would involve sustainability. Discovering Scraps could not have been more perfect. Sophia loves educating others on the importance of sustainability and actively making a difference in this effort. We all need to make an effort to take care of our planet and it is so easy to do so! Besides Scrappin’ Sophia is a spin instructor at Shift Cycle and loves cooking up some mean vegan recipes.