Want your event to be zero-waste?

Wonderful! So do we!

Scraps provides zero-waste services for events in and around the Denver metro area. We can work with events of all sizes - from a small office party, to a multi-day outdoor festival with tens of thousands of people. You just let us know what your event is.

We work with distributors & brands who can help you source 100% compostable materials for your event, and we partner with roll-off companies who guarantee responsible disposal of compostables to the compost facility, recycling to the recycling facility, and the little trash you’ll have to the landfill.

Please note that we aren’t messing around. We only work with events that agree to adhere by our zero-waste pledge, and share it with all of their waste-producing vendors (food trucks, etc.) as well, to ensure their adherence to the agreement. The pledge requires that all vendors who are producing any disposables only bring 100% certified compostable items to the event. We will only make exceptions for aluminum cans and glass bottles for beverages. There are other requirements too - and we will provide a custom zero-waste pledge for you as part of our service.

Why are we so strict?
Because we believe that every event, large and small, has the responsibility to do everything it can to divert waste from the landfill.

Because we believe that focusing on composting is far more appropriate than recycling, especially at events.

Because if the “green team” is simply on hand to sort through a hopelessly mixed stream of disposables, then “green” isn’t really a part of your event, holistically, and it risks coming off as token. Everyone needs to be rowing in the same direction.

Because we don’t want to waste our time, or yours, playing catch-as-catch-can. Instead, we want to partner with you to educate attendees on what goes in which bin and why, and on the positive impacts of waste diversion at events. We want to help your event keep potentially thousands of pounds of stuff from needlessly hitting the landfill, just for the sake of a party.

Because we believe that it IS possible to have a great time and not leave a mound of trash in our wake in the process, and goddammit it feels good.

Because we give you the support you need, from far in advance of your event until after it ends, to ensure that all vendors are educated, properly supplied, properly stoked on the benefits of waste-diversion, and effectively monitored during the event.

If this aligns with your vision, please fill out the form below.

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Want to work with us as a paid zero-waste staffer?

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