Scraps collects compostables (food scraps & more!) from
residential buildings & businesses in Denver.
And we do it all with pedal power - good, clean, eco-conscious fun,
and also a fantastic way to run a compost collection service!
Since our launch last year, we’ve collected:


Our 400+ customers add more to that total every day.

We still have a long way to go. 
Up to 50% of what Denver throws in the trash is compostable,
but we are dedicated to turning this “waste” into something wonderful.

Scraps believes in a pedal-powered approach to urban compost pickup.

Denver's other composting services are limited. They aren't able to offer services to buildings with more than seven units, and Denver is filled with these "multi-family buildings" - more and more all the time. Since we're pedal-powered, not only are we a low-carbon alternative to truck-based compost pickup; we also have the flexibility to service just about any residential or business customer who wants to compost with us. 

We make composting accessible, in a way other waste haulers can’t. Our bikes & trikes can go anywhere. Your bin can wait for us just about anywhere. We create an individualized pickup for our members, based on their unique building, property management and/or HOA. And we don't just empty bins & move on: we keep our members informed and energized about composting!

We add value to the community with every mile. We're keeping tons of organic waste out of the landfill, helping return food to the soil, adding to the local economy without adding greenhouse gas emissions to the air, and collaborating with other like-minded businesses and non-profits whenever we can.

our core focus:
give residents of condominiums & apartments the opportunity to compost.

(…but we service restaurants, offices & all manner of businesses, too!)

If you live in a condominium or apartment building -
any building with more than seven units - then Scraps is the program for you.

No other program in Denver offers individualized service to multi-family buildings, like condos and apartments.

As a resident, once you know you want to compost with us, we work with your property manager and/or HOA to find the best pickup spot for your unique building. We can pickup from trash rooms, "trash chute rooms," empty spaces in garages, front or back porches - nearly anywhere.

We're dedicated to filling this gap - bringing the option to compost to residents & businesses who can't get it through the city's service, or through a truck-based hauler - and helping our community keep more compostables out of the landfill.


here's another way to understand how we work!


We use pedal-power - mostly trikes! - to go from pickup to pickup, emptying full compost bins along our routes.


Usually our members just leave their bins out for us in their designated pickup spot, although sometimes we leave slightly larger bins on-site for them to put their compostables into, and we simply empty that one larger bin.

We partner with customers of Alpine Waste & Recycling to be our "dropoff partners" - and essentially, they let us fill the extra space in their large compost "dumpsters" (often called "cans" in the biz) with the compost we collect from our customers. We don't cost anyone any money in the process. For our dropoff partners, collaborating with us means increasing the impact of their decision to compost into the wider neighborhood. For Alpine, it means great exposure, good press and often times referrals to new clients.


The compostables we collect from our members are transported by Alpine Waste out to A1 Organics, where they are processed into beautiful, soil-enhancing, life-supporting compost! Yay!


all illustrations by the talented Pen+Pine.


We are a Certifiably Green Denver business!


we'll take your food scraps of course, and just about anything else that's compostable.

All of what Scraps collects goes to a commercial compost facility. That means we can take just about anything you can chop up or cook up in your kitchen, and then some.


"why can't i compost here?!"


That's the frustration that sparked the Scraps story. 

Christi (the founder) was living in a condominium, which meant she couldn't do anything with her compostable "trash" but throw it in the garbage. Denver's compost collection program doesn't extend to multi-family buildings, meaning that none of the condominiums & apartment buildings in Denver with more than seven units - and there are thousands of them - were able to compost. Ugh. It felt like an unbearable waste.

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