we take the worry out of composting.

and really, there’s nothing to be worried about anyhow. we’re just putting some “waste” into a different container.


common concerns & real answers:

“I don’t want it to smell up our building.”

Totally normal concern. However our bins are actually designed to reduce smell, by allowing for airflow, which prevents the “smelly” bacteria (which like airless environments) from appearing. Plus the bins are sized to be picked up weekly, before smells can set in, and we choose spots that are accessible and appropriate for a pickup spot. Bins are set out just once weekly, for just a few hours, before Scraps empties them. We’ve never had a smell complaint.

“What if it spills?”

This is highly unlikely. We and our resident-members place containers in spots where they aren’t readily bumped or knocked over, just like you would any trash can or recycle bin. We’ve never had any bin topple, be knocked over, or otherwise spill its contents. (And if that were to ever happen, we’ll of course take care of the cleanup. We’re insured.)

“We don’t have the space for a compost bin.”

Not to worry! A residential bin is the size of a shoebox - there are endless “pickup spot” opportunities for a bin this size. Even in buildings with multiple Scraps customers, we always find a spot! Even if your building were to be interested in a “collection bin” from Scraps, to service five or more customers, it’s only 22” x 11” x 11” - quite small-space-squeezable!

“Won’t it attract rodents?”

In a word, no. In fact, when your residents scrap with us, and keep their compostables in a compost bin, in a compostable bag, under their sink or on their counter, in their house, until it’s time for pickup day each week, and keep their trash food-free in the process, instead of mixing compostables in with the trash, they can actually help reduce any rodent issues you’ve had in your building’s trash area!

“We don’t have the budget for this.”

Not to worry - we won’t charge you a penny, ever! Scraps is a subscription-based service that your residents sign up for individually.

“What if what if what if…“

We get it - part of your job is to keep the building clean and safe for the whole community. That’s a lot of pressure and a big responsibility.
We’re committed to this, too. That’s why we’ve designed a program that is easy-peasy and super-duper low risk, and highly effective, creating more sustainable communities without the muss or fuss.
And it’s all month-to-month, so why not just let your residents try it out, and then ask them to stop if something goes wrong?
(P.S. - we’re pretty sure nothing will go wrong.)

We’re always happy to set up a visit, meet in person, put smiling faces to names, answer questions, ease minds.