Do you service single-family homes?

Our focus is on multi-family buildings - buildings with more than seven units - because we believe that by using bicycle power and ingenuity we can figure out how to provide this service to an un-served market. If you live in a single-family home, see if you are in the City of Denver compost pick-up service area. If you aren't, and you really want Scraps service, pre-subscribe with us here and tell us more!


Where do the food scraps go?

We collaborate with Alpine Waste & Recycling to transport your food scraps out to A1 Organics, the largest organics processing facility in Colorado.


What other groups do you work with?

We love & support the following organizations with all our hearts - and as we grow, we'll support them financially, too!

Denver Food Rescue
Transit Alliance


Who makes your awesome bicycle-vehicle thingies?

We are proud to use bicycle-vehicles - "pedal trikes" - manufactured by a local company called Main Street Pedicabs. They pretty much sparked the pedicab movement in the U.S., and they're awesome. Interested in your own pedal-trike? Check them out here.

We're also adding a few custom bike trailers and one modified mini-trike to our fleet - watch this space!


I live in a building that I think might be open to do its own composting. What can I do to start my own compost pile?

Awesome! Talk to your property manager about the idea, and reach out to Denver Urban Gardens for more info on how to do it right. Where and how to build your pile, how to maintain it, etc., are all key to composting success!

Do you service restaurants?

Yes! We offer services to small restaurants & even other small businesses that want to compost. In fact, our flagship customers/members are restaurants. Interested? Sign up here!