welcome! subscribe to Scraps here.

if you're interested in getting Scraps service for your unit, please CLICK THE button BELOw:

This link will allow you to create an account, pay your $15 setup fee and begin your $10 monthly payments, and will also ask you to provide your address.

Once you create your account and pay your setup fee, we'll reach out to tell you when we'll bring you a bin, when to expect your first pickup, and what to do on pickup day. Your pickup day will be Thursday. On Thursdays by 9 a.m., you'll put your compost in the totes marked with "Scraps" stickers on the north side of your building's outdoor front courtyard. If these bins are full, please leave your kitchen bin beside them, and Scraps will empty them. More details will come in your official welcome email. You'll be on your way to composting with Scraps before you know it.

Thank you!


Note to Embassy House residents: 
Please do not use the "Join Scraps Today" link below. The "Subscribe Now" button above is specifically for residents of your building.