compostable bags we recommend



We love this company! It's a certified B-Corp that began as a non-profit dedicated to educating people about climate change, and it's filled with great people. WorldCentric sells certified compostable bags (also called liners) in 3-gallon, 13-gallon, 33-gallon, 39-gallon, 45-gallon and 55-gallon sizes. You can find them all on their website, here

If you're interested in ordering in bulk at better prices, please contact Lisa McMullan, the Colorado rep for WorldCentric, at lisam at worldcentric dot org.


We're grateful to BioBag for providing us so much support - as well as bins and bags! - during our first months of operation. You can order BioBag liners online, in 3-gallon, 13-gallon and 33-gallon sizes. BioBag liners are also available at Whole Foods and many natural food stores (and more and more traditional grocery stores!).


Natur-Bag brand bags hold up wonderfully, even in larger sizes and with more "hearty" compostable material. :) They manufacture 15 different sized bags, from a 3-gallon to 96-gallon size (and they even provide a handy guide to right-sizing your bags to your bins). You can find them for sale online at Amazon, Tundra, Plastic Bag Partners and more.


This is another hardy brand that handles hearty compostables. They make bags in a 3-gallon size up to a 96-gallon size. You can purchase many sizes online at Amazon, or contact EcoSafe for more purchasing options.

Please let us know if you have any questions about compostable bags/liners that we haven't answered!
We'll do our best to help.