Why I can't stand to see food get tossed in the garbage.

Let's face it: our society doesn't do a good job of doing the right thing with food waste. 

For one thing, we create an awful lot of it.
We buy and cook and serve more than we need.
We throw things away according to incredibly conservative standards of what's "gone bad." 
We don't have great policies for "rescuing" food that is still edible but maybe not sale-able at the supermarket.
We don't have widespread composting / food scraps pick-up options.

Here in Denver, recent data shows that nearly half of what we toss in the landfill is organic waste. "Organic waste" basically means food scraps, yard debris and other compostable materials. Instead of composting it (or turning it into energy, or not throwing it away so quickly), it all gets buried in a giant hole, taking up space, emitting methane and not returning to the soil.


My answer to all this: I have to try to do my small part to chip away at the problem.

By only buying & cooking what I need.
By joining the Master Composter program at Denver Urban Gardens and learning as much as I possibly can about compost.
By supporting & volunteering for groups like Denver Food Rescue, redistributing otherwise discarded (but very much edible) food around the city.

And by listening to the persistent voice telling me to start this little company, and expand the city's compost options. 

Of all of the gigantic environmental and sustainabilty issues we face as humans, honestly I think this is one of the easiest to tackle. How do you do your part?